Saturday, April 29, 2017

Wh Question for PSC

Ans :   1. Whom does Saikat live with ?  or,  With whom does Saikat live ?
            2. Who is he ?
           3. Where did he go ?
           4. Why did the man miss the train ?
           5. When will he come ?

Discussion about the answers. 

    For    answer 1. In present Indefinite Tense we have to use do/does after the wh-word. Mind it if the subject is 3rd person and singular number then we have to use does and for others do. When we use do/does then the principal verb must in present form.

For ans  2.  We have used Who to know about the man that is fire-fighter. Here in that sentence we need not do/does because here auxiliary verb  ' is ' is present.

For ans 3. Here We have used Where to know the place of his going. In that sentence is of Past Indefinite  Tense. so we have to use did just after Wh- word. and then principal verb must be in present form.

For ans 4. Here we have used Why to know the reason of his missing the train. We have also used did after the wh-word because it is the sentence of Past Indefinite.

For ans 5. Here we have used when to make question because we want to know the time of his coming. Here do/does/did is not necessary because here auxiliary verb  " will '  is present.

Students Now practice again.

Make Wh-Questins 

1.  That is my pen.

2. He visited there by bus

3.  Rita lives in a village.

4.  Mr. Ahmad is teaching in the class.

5. I came here yesterday.

just follow this blog ans and discussion will give next day.

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