Saturday, April 8, 2017

Un-employment Problem

Un-Employment means has no works of the population. it is very much harmful for the society and for the economy

Unemployment  causes total production in the economy to decline. If fewer resources are engaged in production, fewer goods and services are produced. As suggested by  the severity of the connection between lost production and unemployment is magnified by the effect. An initial decline in the income, consumption, and production associated with unemployment triggers further declines in income, consumption, and production. As such, members of society, who might escape the direct immediate personal hardships of unemployment, often succumb to the indirect, multiplicative problems of lost production. Number-crunching economists have estimated that for each 1 percent rise in the  that  declines by 3 percent.

to remove this problem government should take necessary steps. As a citizen we should do some duties. suxh as, we should try to be educate and we should mind ourselves to do any work though it is small.

Lost production is especially troublesome because it is an opportunity that is lost forever. This lost production delays society's efforts to increase living standards and address the problem of scarcity. That is, when an unemployed worker does

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