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 Transform the sentences into negative.
1. The old man was alone alive.  
2.   Only the graduates should apply.
3.    Only the moon was visible.
4.    He lives alone in the house.
5.   Only the brave deserve the fair
6. Man must submit to destiny.
7.  You must obey your teachers
8.  All men must die.
9.  As soon as the teacher entered the class-room, the students stood-up.
10.  As soon as he saw me, he ran away.
11. Every rose has a thorn.
12. Every man hates a liar.
13.  Every body believes in his honesty.
14.  Every mother loves her child.
15.  Every one loves a truthful boy.
16.  I shall always remember your advice.
17. The man was old.
18.  The man is poor.
19.  Man is mortal.
20.  I missed the train.
21.  He refused the money.
22.  I was doubtful of his honesty.
23.  I forgot his name.
24. He is present in the meeting.
25.  Travelling is always pleasant.
26. The men were pleased to see it.
27.  They were right in thinking so.
28.  The boy is strong in English.
29.  He is my friend.
30. Dhaka is an old city
31. We should always speak the truth.
32. He is the best boy in the class.
33. The man is as ferocious as a lion.
34.  He was too honest to take  the money.
35.  He is as dull as an ass.
36.  She was too poor to buy a gift for her husband.                                                                                                        
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Transform the sentences into negative.
1. Both Karim and Kamal can do the work.
2. A patriot loves his country.
3. All men are mortal.
4. He ate eggs and vegetables.
5. He bought and sold some goods.
6. All Bangladeshis are polite.
7. Everybody is liable to error.
8. Everybody is dependent on others.
9. Everybody should admit the truth.
10. Everybody admits the truth.
11. They always remember me.
12. Always speak the truth.
13. I am always against of smoking.
14. Our Headmaster is always kind to us.
15. He is always regular in his duties.
16. He is always punctual.
17. I am always present in the meeting.
18. I always agreed with him.
19. We should always speak the truth.
20. My mother always loves me.
21. He is always careful about his lesson.
22. Health is wealth.
23. Milk is white.
24. Knowledge is power.
25. The boy is lazy.
26. The sun rises in the east.
27. Dhaka is a new city.
28. The weather is favourable.
29. He rises from bed early.
30. He did the sum correctly.
31. He behaved with us politely.
32. He went there quickly.
33. They solved their problems wisely.
34. You are responsible into your duties.
35. Your answer is correct.
36. I shall remember you.


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Change the sentences into negative.
1. He sometimes comes here.
2. The poor are sometimes happy.
3. He sometimes smokes.
4. The baby has drunk much milk.
5. There are many books on the table.
6. We have a little water.
7. He is too weak to walk.
8. He ate many mangoes.
9. Kamal was too lazy to prosper in life.
10. I have a few dalls.
11. The man was too poor to buy an expensive gift.
12. I need much money.
13. The load was too heavy to carry.
14. The  load is too heavy for him to bring.
15. He is a very good boy.
16. As soon as the teacher entered the class, the students stood- up.
17. Rahim is less strong than his brother.
18. I was doubtful if he would come.
19. I come here for the last time.
20. All must submit to destiny.
21. All men must die.
22. Where there is smoke, there is fire.
23. Everybody feels the importance of television.
24. You have gone there only twice.
25. He sometimes goes to my uncle's house.
26. Only tiger is ferocious in this forest.
27. Only food items are sold here.
28. The committee rejected the proposal.
29. He is sometimes foolish.
30. Excess of anything is bad.
31. I shall be ever grateful to you.
32. He turned all stones to do it.
33. I see you for the first time.
34. The boy was like his father.
35. He goes to school everyday.
36. He tried all plans.
37. You have to drink clean water.
38. He can do it.
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Change into negative.

1. He thought himself to be very intelligent.
2. Peace and prosperity is impossible without being industrious.
3. The young boys pay much attention on studies.
4. He was walking in the desert near the home.
5. It was fertile.
6. They find these things done only by the great of heart.
7. This house is safe for them.
8. The pond is very deep.
9. It is secure for her.
10. It is a matter of sorrow.
11. He is successful for doing the work.
12. The story is tragedy.
13. This box is useful.
14. The tree is visible from here.
15.  He is a violent boy.
16. This is a warm place.
17. He came here for the last time.
18. He is able to do it.
19. He accepted the proposal.
20. It was an ancient story.
21. The scenery is repulsive.
22. It was a defensive game.
23. The man is bold.
24. The field looked bright.
25. The road is broad/ specious.
26. He cares his lessons.
27.  I am confident about it.
28. It was a danger place.
29. It was a dead body.
30. He bought it by debit.
31. The temperature decreased last night.
32. We are freedom.
33. He is a friendly man.
34. The box is full.
35. The boy is guilty.
36. The mangoes were green.
37. It is a fact.  
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Change into negative.
1. He was a just ruler.
2. It is a legal thing.
3. It is a mild disease.
4. This is a minor operation.
5. I am hopeful about his success.
6. This is an objective exam.
7. They were opponent of the team.
8. It was a written exam.
9. It is a perfect place for me.
10. The job is permanent.
11. It was a punishment for him.
12. The water of this tank is pure.
13. This is a natural flower.
14. He is a religious man.
15. He drives the car roughly.
16. The scissor was sharp.
17. It is a shallow machine.
18. It is a simple thing.
19. The boy was slim.
20. He has sufficient money.
21. He is my superior.
22. It was a theoretical exam.
23. It is the retail price.
24. I have a sympathy to the boy.
25. The pen was thin.
26. This box is hard.
27. Everybody must admit that he is a liar.
28. He is fit for the post.
29. He is always grateful to me.
30. The government is powerful enough to control this situation.   (Self ----262)
31. He is clever enough to understand your tricks.    (Self---262)
32. A little learning  is a dangerous thing.
33. You are the only person  fit for the job.  Ans. No other person but you is fit for the job.
34. A fisherman's life is hard.
35. It always pours when it rains.  Ans. It never rains but pours.
36. I was doubtful whether it was you.
37. Learned men are sometimes judicious.
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Change into Affirmative.
1. None but Allah can help us.
2. He was not solvent.
3. None but the fool will say so.
4. Never tell a lie.
5. He was never late.
6. You can not help going there.
7. He was not a dishonest boy.
8. I did not find many people there.
9. No sooner had I reached the college than the bell rang.
10. There is no mother but loves her child.
11. No one will deny his courage.
12. The boy was not unlike his father.
13. All can not but submit to destiny.
14. There is nobody but likes to go on a foreign tour.
15. I shall never be ungrateful to you.
16. He is not honoured by anybody.
17. No sooner had he come than the meeting began.
18. We did not find the road bad.
19. A good boy never neglects his lesson.
20. There is no rose without a thorn.
21. I never disagreed with him.
22. I can not but shed tears at the sight.
23. This did not please me.
24. The old man was not kind.
25. There is no cloud without a silver lining.
26. I am not wrong in thinking so.
27.  He was so tired that he could not work.
28. You can not help obeying your parents.
29. He does not always visits here.
30. There can be no smoke without fire.
31. I took not only tea but also coffee.
32. you should never deny the truth.
33. There is no man who will not die.
34. Nobody can escape from his destiny.
35. Nobody is self reliant.
36. He did not marry.
37. There is no real-citizen who does not love his country.
38. No Bangladeshi is impolite.
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Change into Interrogative.

1. He is absent from the meeting.
2. I was not sincere to my duties.
3. We can do the work.
4. He is not irresponsible.
5. He plays football.
6. They did not play football yesterday.
7. Karim liked the late spring.
8. I shall not go to school tomorrow.
9. I never drink tea.
10. There was nothing to do.
11. Everybody wishes to be happy.
12. Every man must die.
13. Everyone hates a liar.
14. Every man hates war.
15. Nobody could ever count my love to you.
16. None can do this.
17. No one can deny the truth.
18. There is no use of this law.
19. There is no man happier than Jamil.
20. Friendship is nothing but a name.
21. Our life is nothing but full of actions.
22. It is no use memorising answer for any exam.
23. It does not matter if I fall.
24. It does not matter if we lose the game.
25. Sonargaon is a restaurant.
26. She likes white gloves.
27. Prevention is better than cure.
28. Addiction to gambling is dangerous.
29. I have had my revenge at last.
30. They could not drink salty sea- water.
31. The smell of the melted butter tickled my nostrils.
32. The flavour  of  the food becomes monotonous.
33. I never went there.
34. Their glory can never fade.
35. He is not a great fool.
36. He is not absent from the meeting.
37. He is a great scholar.
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Change into Interrogative.
1. He went there of his own accord.
2. I have nothing to say.
3. There was nothing to do but flop down.
4. There is nothing wrong with me.
5. Everybody hankers after happiness.
6. Everybody loves a patriot.
7. Everyone fears death.
8. Everybody hates a criminal.
9. Nobody trusts a liar.
10. No one can depend on an unreliable man.
11. No one hits accurately everytime.
12. None has ever seen such a fine sight.
13. He did it.
14. Everybody helped you.
15. I shall never forget those happy days.
16. He did it incorrectly.
17. She never tells a lie.
18. Everybody needs a mobile set.
19. A mobile set is light to carry.
20. It brings peace in mind.
21. It is foolish to waste time.
22. The boy did his best.
23. This morning air refreshes the body and mind.
24. We are proud of our freedom-fighters.
25. It lies in every phase of our society.
26. Everybody dislikes an angry man.
27. Health is wealth.
28. We should not earn black money.
29. We should control it for our own sake.
30. Nobody is aware of it.

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Change into Assertive.

1. Isn't he absent from the meeting ?
2. Was I sincere to my duties ?
3. Is he a good student ?
4. Wasn't he irresponsible ?
5. Shall I go to college tomorrow ?
6. Don't they play football ?
7. Didn't Karim like late spring ?
8. Does he ever drink tea ?
9. Was there anything to do ?
10. Who doesn't hate a liar ?
11. Is there any man who doesn't hate a war ?
12. Can their glory ever fade ?
13. Can anyone do this ?
14. Is there any man who will not die ?
15. Who trusts a liar ?
16. Does it matter if I fall ?
17. What is our life but struggle ?
18. Who is happier than Kamal ?
19. Why memorize answer for any exam ?
20. What though if we lose the game ?
21. Who doesn't hanker after happiness ?
22. Who has ever seen such a fine sight ?
23. Who can tolerate such an insult ?
24. Who doesn't want peace ?
25. Didn't they play football yesterday ?
26. Who doesn't submit to destiny ?
27. When can their glory fade ?
28. Was she obedient to me ?
29. Can the glory of the freedom fighters ever fade ?
30. Could the old sailor sleep ?
31. Can anyone avoid death ?
32. Is she a journalist ?
33. Who didn't come to me ?
34. Is there any man who doesn't love wealth ?
35. Who doesn't want to be respected ?  

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Change into Exclamatory.
1. It is a very fine bird.
2. He is a great fool.
3. The scenery is very nice.
4. It is a matter of sorrow/grief that he is no more.
5. It is a matter of joy/rejoice that we have won the game.
6. I wish I were a king.
7. I wish I had the wings of a bird.
8. I wish I had been a king.
9. I wish I could be a child again.
10. It is a very beautiful garden.
11. It was a very lucky day.
12. My hair grows very fast.
13. The sun shone very hotly overhead.
14. The heat was very terrible.
15. The next few days were very terrible.
16. It was an exciting game.
17. The girl sings very sweetly.
18. I have got a very nice gift for you.
19. The scenery of the place is very charming.
20. I wish I were young again.
21. A little learning is a very dangerous thing.
22. He leads a most unhappy life.
23. I earnestly desire to see her once.
24. I wish I could fly in the sky.
25. You are a great fool.
26. I wish I could go in time.
27. It is shameful that he does not look after his old parents.    (Fie)
28. He is a great stupid.
29. We rejoice that we are successful.
30. I wish you good morning.
31. The jack-fruit has a very delicious flavour.
32.  We rejoice that we won the first prize.
33. It is a very wonderful scenery.
34.  The news was very shocking to her.
35. He cried out in sorrow that he was undone.    

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Change into Assertive.
1. Oh ! Had I the wings of a bird.
2. How shocking the news was to her !
3. What a piece of work man is !   Ans. Man is a very wonderful piece of work.
4. Fie ! He does not obey his teachers.
5. Would that I could be a king !
6. Had I been a king !
7. How sweetly the cuckoo sings !
8. What a big river the Padma Is!
9. What a fool you are !
10. How pretty the girl was !
11. How exciting the first day in Cox's Bazar is !
12. How beautiful the youngest sister is !
13. How deep her love for her husband was !
14. How time does fly !
15. If I could be a child again !
16. Had I been a merchant !
17. If I were a millionaire !
18. If I were a philosopher like Socrates !
19. Had I possessed a lot of wealth !
20. How charming still is Italy !
21. Would that we could enter the house !
22. Good morning !
23. How sweetly the moon light sleeps upon this beach !
24. How fast my hair does grow !
25.  How my hair does grow !
26. What a stupid he is !    (great)
27.  If I had vast wealth !
28.  Hurrah !  we have won the match.
29.  Alas ! He is no more.
30. How beautiful the night was !

Change the sentences into comparative

1.  No other student in the class is as good as he.
Ans. He is better than any other boy in the class.

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