Saturday, April 8, 2017

Eve- Teaching

Eve Teaching means disturbance of women and girls by anybody. it is occurring a lot in third world countries especially in the poor countries.
Since no help is forthcoming from the government,  woman have devised several ways of dealing with this menace. They always carry a bag with a long shoulder strap so the bag can be moved behind to cover their backs and the other arm holds an umbrella that helps protect the’s like they have an inbuilt antenna or perhaps its something passed down genetically from one woman to another woman over years of oppression at the hands of men in a male dominated society.
 However most women prefer to go their way swallowing their feelings of pride and embarrassment, not because they are scared to hit out, but because they are afraid of the consequences. There is the fear that the perpetrator of the crime will come the next day with reinforcements, or worse still the perpetrator might follow them home and try to accost them when they are alone.

To avoid these kinds of works we all should be careful. government should take necessary steps. 

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