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Physical Exercise
Physical exercise means the regular movement of different parts of the body to keep them active and strong. Without physical exercise, none can enjoy good health as well as long life. Physical exercise is of various kinds. Good forms of exercise are walking, swimming, racing, gymnastics and playing many outdoor and indoor games.
Physical exercise is essential for all of us. It keeps us free from diseases and makes us physically strong and healthy. We need a sound body and a sound mind in order to live well. It is physical exercise which enables us to have a sound mind in a sound body. Those who are strong and stout can take all forms of exercise. On the other hand those who are weak can not take all forms of exercise. Walking is the best kind of exercise for all. Walking in the morning and the evening refreshes our body and mind. It also enables a man to enjoy the scenic beauty of nature. Swimming is also a good exercise. It strengthens all the limbs of our body. Gymnastic exercises are not suited to people of all ages.
Physical exercise ensures us a healthy and happy life. It prolongs our life and keeps our body and mind fit for work. It also teaches us the principle of discipline and regularity. It needs no telling the importance of physical exercise. We can build good health and sound mind through physical exercise. Physical exercise makes our body active and the muscles strong. It also improves our power of digestion and blood circulation. It gives strength to our brain.
                                                                        A Village Fair
A village fair is a large gathering of men, women and children on a particular occasion. People of all ages specially the children eagerly wait for this happy occasion. It is an occasion for show, sale of various goods and entertainments.
A village fair is usually held once a year either on the first or on the last day of the Bengali year. It is generally held on the bank of a river or a canal, in front of a Temple or a Darghah or under the shade of a big tree. A village fair is an exhibition of the village products. People of different professions such as potters, carpenters, blacksmiths and others bring their own hand-made products in the fair for display and sale. Various fancy goods such as toys, whistles, combs, hairpins, cosmetics, looking glasses, earthen wares, balloons etc are also brought for sale in the fair. Circus parties often bring their trained small tigers, elephants, monkeys, horses etc to show funny games.
The village fair has demerits too. Gambling parties come here and entice innocent people to take part in gambling. Cheats, pick-pockets, criminals come to the fair and commit various kinds of evil deeds. Sometimes children are lost and this causes great anxiety for the parents. Sweet stalls are open. There is no shed over them. Flies sit on the sweet and dust falls on them. People buy these sweets and eat them. As a result there is every chance of the out break of cholera and dysentery. A village fair is very useful and important. It removes the monotony of life and brings joys to the villagers. It helps a man to forget his sorrows and sufferings for the time being.

 A Village Market

A village market is a place where the villagers meet together for buying and selling their commodities. It is an important buying and selling centre for the villagers. It is the backbone of the rural economy. It usually stands at the centre of the village.
There are two kinds of village markets- the daily market and the weekly market. The daily market is called 'Bazar'. It sits daily in the morning and breaks up before noon. The weekly market is called 'Hat'. It sits usually twice and continues till late in the evening.
The shops in a village market are arranged in a systematic way. Mainly three categories of shops are seen in the village market. They are permanent shops, temporary shops and open-space shops. The open-space shops of the same kind are clustered together and arranged in rows according to the things for sale. Generally fish, milk, fruit, betel-leaves, vegetables, etc are sold in the open space-shops. The temporary shops are held in sheds having only their roofs. These sheds are made in rows with sufficient space in between two rows for the buyers to move freely. In these shops oil, salt, pepper, spices etc are sold. The grocers, tailors, cloth dealers and tea-sellers have their permanent shops. Again, there are different sections of the village market. They are the fish market, the vegetable market, the rice market, the fruit market and so on.
A village market is of great use and importance to the villagers. Here the villagers get almost all the necessary things of their daily use. It also brings the people of different villages closer. It is an important place for village politics and a place of entertainment for the villagers too. It is a place of large gathering where people get the opportunities for exchanging views and news- let alone buying and selling their commodities. It saves the villagers from the trouble of going to distant places to buy things of daily use.

                                                    A Journey by Train /  Or A journey you have recently made.

It was the end of July. My Half-Yearly Examination was over. One day, I with some of my friends took a sudden decision to go to my sister's house in Chittagong by train. Accordingly on the appointed day, we reached the Rangpur railway station at 7 a.m. We bought our tickets and got into the train just at 7:30 a.m.
        As soon as the guard blew the whistle and waved his green flag, the train started moving. After a few minutes it began running at a full speed. Soon leaving urban areas, the train was passing through the green fields of the rural areas. Everything seemed to be running swiftly in the opposite direction. They came to my vision and disappeared in the twinkling of an eye.
I also enjoyed the mild jerking of the train and rhythmic sounds of the wheels. As it was an express train, it stopped only at a few big stations. At about noon we arrived within the areas of  Chittagong district, I felt great joy seeing the hills on the left side that stand like a vigilant guard.
After eight hours pleasant journey, at last, the train reached Chittagong railway station at 3 p.m. My sister was waiting at the station and received us cheerfully.
This pleasant and enjoyable journey lasted for a few hours. But the journey left a permanent impression on my mind. I will never forget the romance, thrill and charm of my first train journey and my first visit to Chittagong.

My Childhood Memories

The sweetest days of my childhood were spent in the charming environment of my village. It was small village in the district of  Rangpur. Though now I live in a city, I can not forget those happy days.
    As I was the youngest son of my parents, everybody of our family loved me much. I was free from all cares and anxieties of life. Everyone, especially my grandmother was always busy to look after my comfort. Whenever I did any wrong, my grandmother came forward to protect me. I annoyed   her in many ways but she never became angry with me. None dared to disturb me for my grandmother. The next experience was my first day at school. I was then a boy of  six. One day my mother took me to a school. When he took me to the headmaster, I felt a bit nervous and shy. But the smiling face and the sweet words of the headmaster helped me to get rid of my nervousness. The headmaster asked me my name and some questions. I replied them quite well. I was then admitted into class one. My teachers were all good and kind to me. Now, I am far away from their sweet company but I will never forget them.
The most painful memory of my childhood was the death of my grandfather. I was then barely eight. His loving face and sweet smile flash upon my mind's eye. With the passage of time now I am at 14. But I still cherish the sweet memories of  my childhood. I feel very happy when I recollect my childhood. If I am asked whether, I would like to be a child again, without hesitation I will say, " Yes".
Season I like most
Bangladesh is a land of six seasons. At an interval of every two months there appears a new season in Bangladesh. Of all the seasons I like spring most. It is the queen of all seasons in Bangladesh. Spring comes to us with many pleasant things and beautiful scenes and sounds.
I like this season for many reasons. The summer is a season of terrible heat. Everybody feels uneasy. During the rainy season the roads become muddy. There is water everywhere. People can not move easily. They face many difficulties. During the early autumn and late autumn these disadvantages do not wholly disappear. Winter also brings troubles. People shiver in cold. There is dense fog everywhere. The sun is hardly seen. The poor suffer a lot. But spring has none of these disadvantages. It has many attractive scenes and pleasant things. So I like the season most.
After winter the spring season comes with her lovely appearance. Spring is called the queen of seasons. It comes with pleasant sights and sounds. Fields and meadows become green. Flowers bloom in different trees. Birds sing from behind the new leaves. We hear the cuckoo singing sweetly. During spring bees are busy in gathering honey. A gentle breeze blows. Everything looks cheerful. It is also a season of fruits. We get mango, black-berry, jack-fruit etc in this season. Farmers also sow the seeds of jute and paddy.
     Spring is the best of all seasons for its attractive sounds and sights. Our poets also have praised this season.

The Liberation War of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is now an independent country. It became independent in 1971. Once Bangladesh was joined with Pakistan. But the Bangladeshis did not bear injustice, mental and corporal oppression for a long time. They raised protest against this.
The people of Bangladesh declared independence and formed their own Government. The enemy army fell upon them and began killing them. They began burning houses, looting wealth, raping women and causing harm to suppress the truth. More than 30 lakhs of people were killed, properties of about all the Bangladeshis either looted or burnt. More than two lakhs young women were raped and one crore people were forced to cross the border and take shelter in India.
The Bangladeshis took up arms and fought against them. They began to kill the enemy soldiers in the guerilla style. The students, the mill workers, the farmers, the teachers and the office employees respectively joined the freedom fighting. The 16 th December 1971 is a red-letter day in the history of Bangladesh. On this day the barbarous Pakistani  army surrendered to the joint command of the Indian Army and Bangladesh Liberation Forces. Through the surrender of the Pakistani army, the nine months' sanguinary war came to an end on this day and Bangladesh came into being as an independent state.
Thus they formed the strong liberation force and became able to face the enemy successfully. We are now the citizens of an independent Bangladesh. It is now our holy duty to join the development work of our country.
                                                              Discipline                                                         268 Wodrs

Man is a social being. He lives in a society with others. So he can not do whatever he likes. He has to obey   certain rules. The obedience to these rules is discipline.
In order to keep peace in the society, discipline is a must. For want of discipline, a home cannot be a real home, a society cannot be a peaceful society and a nation cannot be a strong and progressive one. So discipline is a must in every sphere of life.
In games and sports if the players do not obey the orders of the captain, they cannot win the games and sports. Discipline is necessary in every educational institution. No educational institution can run and do well without discipline. Similarly, the student cannot learn anything good if they do not obey the rules of their institutions. An industry cannot run smoothly without discipline among its workers. Nature shows a shining example of discipline. The sun, the moon, the stars and all the planets of the universe follow discipline strictly. Any break of discipline here will bring about  the total destruction of the universe.
         Discipline is the secret of success. Life without it is like a ship without a rudder. It is the educational institutions from where man learns discipline. A student has to observe the rules of the institution. In any organization - social, political, religious, economic  and educational discipline is essential for its development.
Discipline is more necessary in the army. A small disciplined army can overthrow a large indisciplined army. So discipline is a precious treasure for the growth of whole human society.

Science in Everyday Life / The Blessings of Modern Science
                                                                                                                                                   273 Words.
We are now living in an age of modern science. It is often said that science is the religion of the modern age. Wherever we look at we can see the blessings of modern science. Science has revolutionized the modern life and exposed the centuries old beliefs.
In fact, every invention of modern science is a blessing for the mankind and men cannot go without them in their everyday life. The blessings of modern science are many. Among them electricity is the first and foremost one. It is a great source of power and energy. It has brought about a revolutionary change in our life. Telephone as well as mobile phone is another blessing of science. It helps a man to talk to anybody in any corner of the world. Another great wonder of modern science is Television. It is the most popular instrument for recreation to modern people. It enables us to see and enjoy the news, games and sports, dramas etc. that take place thousands of miles away.
The inventions of railways, aeroplane, steamers, motor cars etc. have enabled us to travel to the furthest end of the world. The inventions of Penicillin, X-rays, ECG, Radio-therapy, etc. are some other blessings of modern science in the field of medicine. The latest invention of science is computer. It has enabled us to perform any difficult work and calculations most accurately and perfectly in a few seconds.
In fact we cannot live or do without the blessings of science. Modern science is really like Aladin's lamp. What it does today was supposed to be impossible yesterday. Nobody can say where it will end.

The Role of Newspaper in Modern Life / The Importance of Reading Newspaper   ( 265 Words)

The reading of a newspaper has its own importance and advantages. It does good in many ways. In modern times, newspaper is called the current history of the world. It contains various kinds of information, news and views. It brings to us the news from all the corners of the world.
so we get current news and information of home and abroad through reading newspapers. All sections of people such as students, lawyers, politicians, traders, sportsmen etc. always feel the necessity of reading newspapers. They find in the newspapers some items of information that are very useful to them. Students can be benefited from reading a newspaper. They can improve their knowledge in different subjects  and enrich their vocabulary by reading newspapers.
Newspapers are also the best media of advertisement. Businessmen bring their products and goods to the notice of a large number of people through them. Newspapers play a vital role in mobilizing public opinion on various national issues. They make us aware of our duties and responsibilities. Sometime people express their fair  and just opinion on various problems of the country through newspapers. Besides these, we can know the ideas and thoughts of the world-renowned thinkers, writers, poets, scientists, politicians through reading newspapers. Thus newspapers are the important limbs of modern society.
Some newspapers give us news regarding murder, crime, scandals etc. These types of news can have some bad effects upon the readers. But as compared with the merits of newspapers, these disadvantages are far less than the advantages. So we should make the habit of reading newspaper from our early life.

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