Saturday, April 8, 2017

Voice Changing

Change The Voice into passive from active

What auxiliary verb you should use for changing voice :

Tense -----------------------------------------------------------------  for passive voice

1. Present Indefinite Tense -------------------------             am / is / are

2. Present continuous Tense ------------------------------ am being /  is being /   are being

3. Present perfect Tense -------------------------------   Have been / has been

4. Past Indefinite Tense ------------------------------------   Was / were

5.  Past continuous Tense ------------------------------      was being / were being

6. Past Perfect Tense -------------------------------        Had been

7.  Future Indefinite Tense -----------------------------   shall be / Will be

8.  Future continuous Tense -----------------                   shall be being / Will be being

9. Future Perfect Tense -------------------                 shall have been / Will have been

Usually we do not change the 3 Perfect continuous Tense into passive

Please stay with me . in Next posting I will discuss more about voice changing and other grammatical problems . Thanks for patience    

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